Vision 愿景 

Transfer educational experience from exam-driven to ability attaining


An institution that infuses traditional values with global prospects to prepare young individuals for a life long journey

融合传统价值与国际视野,致力于培 养学生的终生学习能

Core Value 核心价值

L: Lifelong Learning - We tutor life-long learning skills and develop potential.

L:终生教育 - 养成终生学习的习惯

E: Endurance - We cultivate endurance to fight against any impediments and thrive in competitive global culture.

E:毅力 - 培养毅力,赋予面对挑战的能力

A: Ability-attaining - We transfer education experience from exam-driven to ability-attaining.

A:能力 - 实现教育体验从“应试模式”转为“能力获取”

R: Respect - We respect the solemn underlying principles of science and humanity, learn them well and use them well.

R:敬畏 - 敬畏科学,尊重文化

N: Nurture - We nurture young talents for the new economy.

N:培育 - 培育适应新经济环境的人才